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All of our DJ equipment was chosen to ensure the best possible sound available for mobile DJ events, and can easily handle the largest (and multiple) rooms.  Our professional grade equipment includes:

      Powered Mackie Speakers supported by professional quality Ultimate Support tripods
      Powered Mackie Sub-Woofers
      Professional Anti-Feedback Parametric Equalizers by Behringer (for wireless mics)
      Behringer Mixers with Special Effects Processor (and automatic compression)
      Denon Professional Dual Deck CD Players (variable speed)
Sennheiser & Shure Wired and Wireless Microphones (Handheld, Lapel, & Headset)
Sennheiser Wireless Systems (where needed) for "wire-free" speaker connections
IBM Notebook Computers

…and of course, we always travel with backup equipment (Numark CD-Mix3 combination mixer & dual-deck CD player), including a complete spare digital music library.

In conjunction with our audio equipment, we can also provide various configurations of special "Professional" lighting to complement your event.

      9 foot Ultimate Light Stand Trees with a 5' horizontal truss supporting the following:
American DJ Sunray II (300-watt, white, high tech, slow rotating globe)
American DJ Sunray III (300-watt, white, high tech, slow rotating effect)
American DJ Galaxian 3D Red & Green Laser w/DMX control
American DJ Revo IV RGB LED w/DMX control

In addition, if you you prefer the "NYC Club Effect", we can also provide "high end", intelligent lighting utilizing:

      American DJ, AccuScan 250 Scanners with high output MD bulbs
      and even spread it out onto a full 10' horizontal Professional Lighting Truss system

For events that require a more subdued "surround" lighting we have developed a new and unique style of lighting that ranges from smooth to energetic and is quite cost effective!

The above equipment is under continuous control by Elation Professional CompuClub DMX Controller Software  to set the mood differently as appropriate for each and every piece of music.


Yes, we are full insured with a General Commercial Liability Policy by the Fireman's Fund.
DJ Equipment