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We provide the ultimate in DJ Services for:

♦ DanceSport Competitions
♦ Private Dance Parties
♦ Ballroom Dance Studio functions such as Dance Socials or Showcases

Although we specialize in ballroom dancing events, we also DJ at social events where great contemporary music is needed, and can also act as Master Of Ceremony to help your event run smoothly.

The quality of our dance music is unsurpassed anywhere….

All our ballroom music has been time corrected to strict tempo using International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) / National Dance Council of America (NDCA) guidelines, with non-danceable musical introductions removed.

Our comprehensive
Dance Music Library includes over 35,000 Standard, Smooth, Latin and Rhythm titles, as well as a large collection of Salsa, Hustle, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango.  Our music spans both traditional ballroom titles as well as contemporary pieces suitable for ballroom dancing. In addition, we have over 150,000 titles of other contemporary and ethnic music, including Billboard Top Hits from 1949 through the present.

Dance Music Library is 100% digital, CD quality, and is immediately accessible to easily accommodate special requests.

Our custom software allows us to create a playlist prior to any event based on your requirements - including both rotation of dances and/or specific titles.  Your unique pre-programmed playlist can also be adjusted during your event to accommodate guests' special requests.

Our professional grade
DJ Equipment was chosen to ensure the best possible sound available for Mobile DJ Events, and can easily handle the largest rooms.  In conjunction with our audio equipment.