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Digital Music Editing

Do you have a piece of music that you love, but is too fast or too slow?

Does your music need to be shortened, without losing that fabulous ending?

Do you want to combine several different pieces of music into one Showdance?

Let us transform your music into the ultimate piece to showcase your talent!  Our custom music editing for Showdances or Performances includes such things as:

     • seamlessly merging several different pieces of music
     • creative use of sound effects
     • incorporating musical introductions or endings
     • eliminating sections of unwanted music

We can also change the tempo or your music to any specified MPM (measures per minute) without affecting its pitch or quality.  Our professional digital editing software ensures that your final piece is indistinguishable in quality from the original.  We offer flexibility in working arrangements, and can produce a completed piece either independently based on your requirements, or by partnering with you real-time (including your choreographer, if you wish) to create a rough copy for final editing. We offer reasonable rates and quick turnaround. Contact us at (908) 218-1926 for your free consultation.

Our client list contains many professional and amateur dance couples. Our credits include music for Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, Maxim Kozhevnikov & Anastasia Grigoreva.  To listen to some exciting samples of our work
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Let us help you to create a piece that is designed to enhance your performance, one that is uniquely – and memorably – yours.


Click here to sample some of our work